Teeter Hang Ups Review


Turning back pain on its head with a Teeter Hang Up Inversion Therapy Table

Product review

Teeter Hang Ups have been providing back pain relief for over 2 million people since their launch in 1981. James tests the Teeter Hang Up EP-560 table, to see whether the inversion therapy leaves him relaxed and pain-free.

What is the Teeter Hang Up EP-560?

The Teeter Hang Up EP-560 is a home use inversion table. Essentially users turn upside down, up to a full inversion, to take the pressure off of stiff joints or compressed spines, to relax tense muscles, reduce nerve stress and realign the spine.

Although many users just ‘hang’ to release built up pressure and potentially enable nutrient-rich fluids to permeate joints, it’s also possible to do exercises in this non-load bearing position, such as rotational stretching, extension, crunches and squats for fast results that you can see!

The Teeter Hang Up:

  • relieves back pain by relaxing muscles and reducing pressure
  • improves joint health by decompressing and strengthening,
  • builds and tones sculpting abs, glutes and legs, and
  • increases flexibility by stretching muscles and improving our athletic ability.

It’s time for us to all turn our regular routines on their heads and opt for a Teeter Hang Up inversion tables!

Is it safe to hang upside down?

Not only is it safe but it’s encouraged for everyone, providing that they don’t suffer from high blood pressure, glaucoma, heart disease, a history of strokes or are pregnant. The Teeter Hang Up EP-560 has been rigorously tested and Teeter Hang Ups are the only inversion tables certified by the Underwriters Laboratories, a medical-grade standard awarded after the comprehensive testing of functions including stability, rotation control and other features that denote structural integrity.

What does it feel like?

This was the question that I got asked the most! Well, having not done any headstands since I was a kid, it was an odd sensation the first time that I used it. The blood rushed to my head and my face felt flushed. But that quickly passed, and whilst I waited to see what I felt next, I realised that I wasn’t feeling any pain at all! I don’t have chronic backache but years sitting at a computer have taken their toll. When inverted, the pressure is taken off of your spine and it feels like such a relief! I swear I could feel my spine relaxing and decompressing, and after three minutes when I reverted back to normal, my spine felt somehow longer.

Is it easy to set up?

It takes just minutes to initially set up, as it arrives 85% assembled with an instruction DVD and owners guide. Once set up, it takes just a few seconds to fold for compact storage under a bed or in a cupboard.

What does the Teeter Hang Up EP-560 come with?

The EP-560 comes complete with a “Healthy Back And Core System” DVD which includes tips for stretching and exercising, plus “Dr Shawn’s Health Back Classes” which features a 20 minute program on the table.

What makes Teeter Hang Ups different from the rest?

Not all inversion tables are created equal! Why risk compounding injuries by going for a lesser quality table? The Teeter Hang Up EP-560s:

  • is UL-listed (Teeter Hang Ups tables are the only tables that conform to ‘real world use’ standard UL 1647)
  • is rated #1 in comparison study across all categories including endurance and ease of assembly
  • is built for safety – from heat-treated steel for structural strength and integrity, to auto locking hinges that securely attach the bed to the base
  • is rich with benefits – precision balancing for optimum control, a ComforTrak bed that enables increased joint mobilisation and Stretch Grips for added stretching/decompressing

Does it come with a warranty?

The Teeter Hang Up EP-560 comes with a full five year warranty covering every component.

How much does it weigh?

It weighs about 67lbs – be careful of competitor products that weigh less and are less stable.

Does it come with any extras?

The company is offering a short-term incentive: buy now and get a free Bonus Pack that includes:

  • acupressure nodes that massage tense muscles along the bed
  • a lumbar bridge focusing on the lower back
  • a Healthy Back and Core DVD, and
  • priority processing

What people are saying about Teeter Hang Ups?

I honestly feel like I've had 15 years wound back! Bruce G, Ireland

After almost four weeks [of using the Teeter], I have regained close to an inch in height, I am sleeping much better, and my overall pain and discomfort level is at the lowest it has been in years. Gary F, Carmel, IN

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for taking my pain away. Max G., Miami, FL

Pain is something I no longer experience on a daily basis, and on the rare occasion that I do strain a muscle or pinch a nerve, I am minutes from relief with the Teeter. Chuck H

The Teeter has not given me some relief… It has made me a new person and I truly mean it! To be able to sit up, stand, bend over with NO pain is something I never thought I would enjoy again. Stewart G

I love my Teeter Inversion Table. It's great to be able to stand up straight again. Bob Long

Our personal review

I took advantage of the 30-day at-home trial for under $15 and within the first week my back felt looser and more relaxed. Within the full month however, I’ve seen my abdominal muscles gain more definition, and have been sleeping for longer with less interruptions. I’m a true convert to inversion therapy, using the table gives me a real physical and mental boost.